Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where does time go?

I know this is an often asked question, but I am constantly amazed at how fast the days go by anymore. Suddenly my oldest child is a Senior in high school. I remember when I took him to his first day of Kindergarten...and how I cried all the way home. My middle child is a Freshman...he's supposed to still be in second grade!! How'd he get so tall? Taller than anyone else in the family. My baby, my daughter, is 10!! She's 10? My little girl is getting taller and beautiful and full of teenage ideas.

Not only that, but it's already almost the end of October?? How in the world did that happen? School just started yesterday, didn't it? Two and a half months.....wooosh.... Seems impossible that we are already staring another holiday season in the face! Don't get me wrong, this is my favorite time of year, but didn't we just have it? I turned 40 last December...and now all of a sudden December is just right around the corner and my next birthday is coming with it. What???

Well, I hope you all have a great day today. Thanks for "listening" to my rambling. I just looked at my kids and the calendar this morning, and felt really, really tired all of a sudden. Like life has been a virtual whirlwind and it's going by way too fast.

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