Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've been busy....

...getting pampered for my birthday! It was a crazy week, and then I was surprised on Friday afternoon by the arrival of my good friend, Amy. She had driven across the state all day and got here just after I picked up my daughter from school to surprise me for my birthday! On Friday night, we went out for manicures and pedicures. Then on Saturday morning, we got up and she whisked me out of the house to go to a lovely day-spa for facials, massages, and I got to have my hair colored and cut!! I feel like a whole new me! It was a lovely day of being totally spoiled.

After that, I thought she had to leave right away and we had to go to a "Christmas" party at my sister-in-law's. Turns out it was a surprise birthday party with lots of friends and family there! I, of course, burst into totally surprised tears in front of everyone - sheesh. My friend was there, too, who I thought I'd just said good-bye to - she did leave soon after that, to get home for her darling daughters' piano recitals.

I was completely surprised - everyone thought that was pretty funny!

Here's a pic of me with my new hair - wish you could see the beautiful highlights that are in it, but they don't show. I'm so happy to have my gray covered up, and I don't look nearly as old as I did before!!! I'm excited to be 40 now!!


dd2njoy said...

Wow you really got spoiled!!! I'm so happy for you,a woman deserves all that pampering!!! Your hair looks awesome!!!

Tex said...

Awwwww, the highlights show in your smile! What a great friend indeed!

Happy belated birthday!