Sunday, December 2, 2007

Birthday guesses

I'm enjoying all the guesses about the date of my birthday, and the comments, as well! Thank you all! Keep 'em coming. I'll take guesses for a few more days. If there are multiple correct guesses I will draw for the winner of the blog candy once I hit 1500 posts.

I love this season. Christmas is my favorite holiday and the fact that my birthday falls this month is great, too. I have a wonderful family who has made my birthday a special day every year - separate from other celebrations. People often ask if it's hard to have a birthday in December, but I've always enjoyed it. My favorite birthday cakes, however, were the ones my mom made and she placed a little plastic nativity scene on them. The cakes were always german chocolate with the coconut frosting. I still have that little nativity set, too.

Happy Holidays!


JenMarie said...

What a great memory of the german chocolate cakes with the nativity!

dd2njoy said...

Yummy that cake sounds sooo good right now!!! I can't wait to see when your b'day is???LOL,suspense is killing me!