Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time marches on....

So I had a talk last night with a woman at work. We talked about discipline, working out, losing weight, discipline, wasting time, discipline.....and I've decided that I need to work on my self-discipline. I waste a lot of time doing nothing and talking myself out of doing something....sad.

Today I am going to make it a goal to get a whole bunch of cards photographed and at least one loaded on my blog. I am making it a goal to post at least three projects a week from now on. I am re-confirming my goal to finish the entire year's worth of the "His Holy Name" challenge - which I am woefully behind on at this point.

I am also setting goals for exercise and better nutrition for myself. I want to improve my fitness and health and I've been ignoring it for long enough.

So here I go! Off to change into workout clothes, find the camera and get going on these goals.

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed day! Thanks for visiting and reading my venting!!

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